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Kim Hyung Joon member of SS501  will join a large benefit concert in Singapore  will host and present stars of different countries to represent their respective nations.
Kim Hyung Joon Singaporean to Participate in Charity Concert!


He will represent South Korea .The concert is titled, “SPD CHARITY SHOW 2013″  and is run by the money lenders singapore . “MediaCorp TV SINGAPORE PTE LTD” For this concert, Kim Hyung Joon  will travel to Singapore on 15 March .
The charity concert is trying to raise funds to help people with physical to pursue their sueños.Una star of every country in Asia was invited disabilities. All profits from the event will be given to the “Society for the Physically Disabled” .
File: Flag of Singapore.svgThis is not the first time Kim Hyung Joon has participated in charity events. In the past, gave rice to poor families .Also adopted a dog from a shelter who had been abandoned
Kim Hyung Joon recently made ​​his first exclusive concert “THE FIRST” At the concert, showed how much he had grown as a solo singer.

Accounting Nonprofit Institutions and Government

This essay will be examining the Nonprofit Institutions and Government.First look at non-profit institutions, as defined, which consists of dondeprovienen funds and as posted. Finally discuss Government, for what purpose was formed, its dependencies, from which your funds are allocated and as manejados.Instituciones Nonprofit
A nonprofit organization is defined as a partnership, association, organization or entity that provides free “social services” at cost or less delcosto, or, if he offer more of the cost, which invests all its profits to the extent of the physical plant or “social services” (Office of the Comptroller of PR) . According to the IRS, usually these organizations are classified as public charities and must meet one or more of the following premises:
– are churches, hospitals, organizations affiliated médicacualificada research hospitals, schools, universities and colleges;
– have an active program of fundraising and receive contributions from various sources, including public engeneral, managements of government, corporations, private foundations and public charities
– receive income from conducting activities on behalf of the exempt purposes of the organization
– oactivamente work in a supportive relationship to one or more existing public charities
This organization should pursue a religious purpose, charitable, scientific, literary, educational, public deseguridad, sports or prevention of cruelty, and to qualify for tax-exempt status that applies to most the same (Investopedia).
lasinstituciones us evaluate the online bookkeeping services profit. The nonprofit organizations that receive government funding are subject to the control of the Board of Governmental Accounting Standards … [continued]

Your organization or charity work of nonprofit needs a mobile app more than ever

Not everyone has to go to work every morning and lead to a job that allows them to earn money while doing what they love and make the world a better place.

Works of Charity are charged with a difficult task of convincing the capitalist world to give money and helping others is good. His charity workers is to bring water to children in Africa or clothe the homeless in large metropolitan areas, but in reality are not given the necessary finance to market and let people know that you need help to help less fortunate .

All charities need mobile apps, and they ‘work nicely for budget-conscious Organizations who want to reach out to technologically and socially advanced people looking for something more in Their Lives.

Those interested in helping your charity are not different from other users of the technology-absorbing content with mobile devices. In fact, users spend 80 percent of their time inside mobile applications. Are you looking for a way to get more donations for charity? This is the best method.

We will learn about what components are needed to design your movile app for your charity or non-profit organization and understand the use of each particular function. Whether you simply want to educate the world about the importance of science or has a strong mission to feed the world, a mobile application can help.

Let the world know your plans

Events and fundraisers are usually those who do nonprofit organizations and charities to receive money. Are you planning to do an event in your city or a walk through the cancer? Are you sending a group of teenagers at a devastated area that requires new homes? Include a link in your application that displays important upcoming events.

Ensure that each page of the event includes an additional page of information for those really interested in participating. A contact page also works well as a direct call those wanting more information.


Some of the most successful nonprofit news organizations are simply people to eat healthy or budget your money to good use focus. Regardless of its output to the community, include various resources in your mobile application to help differentiate themselves from other organizations.

Once you start including free information for people to share and begin to understand that your charity or nonprofit is looking out for the greater good. Include pages summarizing the concerns of public health or FAQ pages for people interested in helping the homeless.

Share your story

Your charity or nonprofit is nothing without results. Its history is bound by the combination of the actions that take place throughout the history of your organization and the results that come from those actions.

Share your story with the world by including high resolution photos and a description of these pictures. Add photos of your workers building a house or people who serve food to the homeless. Even simple pictures of the team helping to show the community your organization, causing others to join and app promotion their brand. News, videos, blogs and other forms of media fit nicely into this category.

His Mission

People do want to know about your mission. Many people often think that a mission is less important for a charity or non-profit, for all charities committed to the good. However, taxpayers are quite particular with their money.Have you committed your time to give free information to the Republicans? A leftist might not be as likely to contribute to this cause.

Is the Owner’s organization grab a paycheck? Many charities and non-profits are getting criticized for high salaries to owners and low amounts of money actually goes to a good cause. Show how your organization really is committed to people who need help, and give others a way to feel better about how easily they spend their time and money.


Often regarded as one of the most important parts of marketing for charities, contact pages provide people a way to contact the organization and sending money or information. What to include in their contact pages?

A page of contact is needed to provide its customers with their phone, email, address and web site information. A page write Contribution and works well for getting feedback and ask users if they want to contribute to your organization.

Consider linking Facebook and Twitter profiles at the bottom of your mobile application. This gives fans a direct link to their social sites, rather than forcing them to open a new browser.

Charities and nonprofit living have a very hard stage to get ahead, but to make it easier you can create a mobile application that promotes your organization and push notifications to followers. Let us know in the comments if you have any experience working with nonprofit or mobile applications for their charity.Do you have any advice for those just starting out?