We invite you to фитнессу functional classes with a professional trainer Виестурсом Салдавсом. We expected a luxury фитнессу training of a wave of positive emotions and experiences and the opportunity to make new friends.

Free Personal Fitness in Sarasota to help small Alexandra Лабунько be held. The little one and five years, and intellectual development, even at the level of one year old. Until the girl still small, it can help you catch up with colleagues in developing attendance at a course of treatment. She urgently needed a rehabilitation course in a specialty in the city of St. Petersburg clinic, which has already appointed in October, and the money for payment have not been collected, and very little time left.

To help Alejandro, collect nearly 5,000 euros.

On this occasion, the coach Viesturs Labdaris.lv Салдавс joined urging exercise to help Александрею

Labdaris.lv and Viesturs Салдавс invited to a training session every Sunday:

07/09/2014. 12.00.

14/9/2014. 12.00.

21/9/2014. 12.00.

28/9/2014. 12.00.

Participation in training means their willingness to sacrifice in the “Fundación Alejandra Лабунько” includes funding for payment of rehabilitation course gather in St. Petersburg. After each training session, you will have the opportunity to donate to the foundation Alejandra.

Training is available to all, regardless of level of sports training. Come and see keep and bring the kids! Together we can help!

More information:


and coach Виестурса Салдавса by phone 28389159.

You can also help Alexander to undergo treatment, calling for donations: 90006881 (Calls cost – 1.42 EUROS) and 90006771 (Calls cost – £ 7.11).